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K-12 Evaluated Resource Collection

Zen Science: Stop and Smell the Universe

Author/Publisher/Website: Institute of Zen Science
Copyright: 2018
Evaluation/Record Entry Date: Sep/2019
Submitting suppliers/Website: Not Available
Primary Identifier: 9780762461738
Recommended Grades and Subjects/Courses: K-12
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Resource Description

This engaging resource blends more than one hundred thought-provoking science tidbits with the art of Zen. It seeks to inspire, illuminate, and ground students in curiosity, mindfulness, and scientific reasoning as they consider the array of facts about the physical world and physics. The scientific trivia is effectively presented through the use of comparisons and illustrations that help demonstrate the concepts. Useful to spark inquiry and reflection, develop mindfulness, inspire curiosity, raise awareness of and make connections to the world around and within us all, and to launch discussions in K-12 classrooms. Log in to read the full review.